About John Golomb

John GolombJohn Golomb is one of the greatest boxing equipment designers of our time. He is the grandson of Jacob J. Golomb, founder of the world-famous Everlast Sporting Goods Manufacturing Co. The Golombs are the First Family of boxing in America.

John Golomb received his training in leather crafting and design at the Everlast factory in the Bronx in New York City, learning and honing his craft from the bottom up. He brings to his company over 36 years of manufacturing, engineering, restoration and design experience for baseball, football, and boxing equipment. This includes his years as the Product Design Supervisor for Everlast and years operating his own business.

Jacob J Golomb Founder of Everlast

Jacob J Golomb
Founder of Everlast

Danny Golomb President 1952 - 1995

Danny Golomb
President 1952 – 1995

John continues the Golomb family legacy spanning 100 years and three generations of manufacturing in the New York metropolitan area. John has based his company on the same principles as his grandfather’s—producing high-quality products that last and providing personal service. This has been the hallmark behind the Golomb family legacy and its worldwide reputation in the sporting goods industry.

As the Product Design Supervisor at Everlast, John was responsible for designing and patenting new products for the boxing line, such as his Thumbless Boxing Glove design. This has led to universal use of gloves with attached thumbs

preventing disabling eye injuries. John was also instrumental in the design of a lightweight super-shock-absorbing competition head guard that has become the global standard for both Olympic and amateur competition.

As Everlast’s production executive and personal designer for the champs, John Golomb has created custom equipment for Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, Michael Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Muhammad Ali and more.

Baseball gloves presented a unique challenge for John’s unique leather-crafting abilities. In 1986, he pursued his new endeavor, starting originally as a baseball glove repair company, then as a custom design company.

As more and more gloves arrived, it became obvious to John that the gloves made by the major companies, usually bought at big box stores and sporting goods chains, were no longer made with the quality they were once famous for. He saw that the gloves coming in for repair, mostly made in the mid-1980s to the present were noticeably inferior to the same models manufactured years ago. Why? Because most gloves sold in America are now imported.

He concluded that to keep prices down and volume up, the name brands had simply cut corners, thereby diminishing the quality of their gloves. Other reasons for low-quality gloves being sold today include the lighter, softer leathers used to ease break-in, and the proliferation of vinyl or other man-made materials as substitutes for full grain leathers.

John Golomb’s mission has been to bring quality back to sporting goods manufacturing one restoration at a time with his unique American skill and ingenuity.