About the Company

Boxing Gloves






Repair and Restoration

JOHN GOLOMB, The Glove Doctor is the leading American sporting goods restoration company, specializing in baseball gloves, footballs and a retail line of baseball glove care and repair products.

Because of John’s expert training in sports equipment design and leather crafting, he is able to offer highly unique repair services. John’s Glove Doctor Service has restored, refurbished and repaired equipment dating back to the turn-of-the century, enabling him to compile 100 years of leather craft know-how.

The company is known for fine restoration work, honoring the integrity of each item sent in for assessment and repair. The Glove Doctor service is so trusted; many of the nation’s best-known collectors and pros send their equipment to John.

Custom Handcrafted Products

John Golomb creates honest, functional sporting goods products with no extra ornamentation or gimmicks. There’s no vinyl to crack, no foam rubber to break down, only generous cuts of full grain leather carefully sewn together and nylon stitched to last. John’s unique design features, assure that each item is the highest quality with everlasting durability, something that you can’t expect in any manufactured sporting goods.

If you are looking for the best in American sporting, you’ve come to the right place.